Register your Trademark

Register your name, logo, or slogan world wide now and protect yourself against copycats.

You can often register a trademark for a few hundred euros!

Why you should register your trademark?

If you want the assurance that you can use the same name world wide.

A trademark registration gives you an exclusive right to your brandnames logos and slogans

Add Value
A trademark registration creates value which can be monitezed by you 

How long is a Trademark Registration valid?

Your trademarkregistration enjoys 10 years of Protection from the filing date. You can renew the registration for 10 years at a time.

What can I register as a trademark?

There are various types of trademarks such as a word mark, figurative mark, figurative mark containing word elements, shape mark, shape mark containing word elements, position mark, pattern mark, colour mark, sound mark, motion mark, multimedia mark and hologram mark. Our trademark attorneys can help you choose which type of mark meets your needs

In which countries can a Trademark be registered?

A Trademark can be registered in the Benelux, European Union or worldwide.

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